Saturday, February 07, 2009
I just did!

One friend told me I needed to get a life. Well I just did! And it's amazingly fun. Seriously. I never knew that my 2009 would kickstart not only with the new year fireworks and the Sinulog festivities but also with one kickass encounter. My year really started with a bang! I could be deaf now.

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Friday, May 02, 2008
It's raining good news..


Good news is , t's Friday again. My most favorite day of the week since October.. Rest days are here again.. It has officially started at 7:00PM today.. Yay!

Good news is, my wakwak has already gotten his license and he's gonna be coming home tomorrow na. OMG, I will be going to the airport and meet him.. I am so excited to get that one big and real tight imbis na..

Good news is, I found a good soul who's from the US and invited me to see DC someday. No, I'm not talking about YM or other chat or online social networking sites. (I don't really chat online with people I don't know)

Good news is, I'm going to laugh and eat with my wakwak again tomorrow.. I'm going to watch a movie again and do my scrapbook..

Happy weekend..

Hope your weekend is as full of good news as mine..

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Wednesday, April 30, 2008
wednesday's over!


Wednesdays's done and whenever this day's done, it's a relief..

I was surprised that there wasn't that much "Q" today and there were only 4 of us, Pinas-wide!

And there was a missed call at 6:45PM earlier from this "other" big company. I've been missing their calls since March..  Hmm. Maybe I'm just lucky today.. or maybe there is something about having a new hair today.. or maybe it was the hairdresser Ron of David's who was so perky while cutting my hair.. Positive vibes all throughout the day.. it's just contagious..

and oh, we'll have a meeting too so that means 30 minutes bonding with the team..

bye for now!

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Tuesday, April 15, 2008
moving out...

It's time to go.             

I never really wanted to leave but I think it would be better this way. I will never forget you and all that we have shared together. Happy times. Sad times. Celebrations. Quiet times. Misunderstandings. Failures. Triumphs. Secrets. Love. Friendship. Food. Hearty laughters. Endless conversations. Families. TV/DVD marathons. Guitar sessions. This list could go on forever...

As I look back, I remember the two christmases and new years together. There is just so much to remember that I would choke everytime I would recall each one of them.

I'm sitting here alone with you and I'm crying because I know this would be my last day with you. It's so sad to have you see me go. Please know that it's heartbreaking to let you go. I will miss you. I'm hoping that whoever takes our place will love you and take care of you the way we did. I will miss you really bad.

Goodbye, good ol' room...

Door #7
14-F Jones Avenue,
Cebu City
July 30, 2006 - April 15, 2008

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Friday, April 11, 2008
A letter

I was looking at you last night then I realized, you were there when I met Carlo the very first time.. I think you were one of the reasons why we met in the first place. There was this college party and my brother assembled a one-time band just for that event and he picked me as the vocals.. OMG. I remember! Of course you were with Carlo. I barely knew the people in that band, except of course my brother. I remember I sang Radio by The Corrs and Promises by The Cranberries at the university gym. Eeek.. We barely had a really serious rehearsal until the day before the performance. OMG. I remember the uncomfortable feeling during rehearsals having to sing aloud with housemates and boardmates overhearing.. Then while I was singing, I saw our boardmates in a large group in front of the crowd to watch and give their support.. I could only smile with that picture in my mind right now..

Later on, we would see each other from time to time. I would sing with you every now and then. Sometimes I would see you with Carlo. Sometimes I would ask you to come with me.. There were times I would see you just leaning on the wall or lying in bed or with someone else. I remember sometimes, some strings just cut loose and then you would be quiet for a few days. Sometimes, you would become an excuse. There were times you were the only bridge we had and the only way for Carlo and I to talk. There was a time I left you a note, in it was a lyrics of a favorite song. You had it for years but when I saw you lately, I found out you lost it or somebody took it from you. There were times that I just held you because I know that you and Carlo are one. There were times I cried with you because along with Carlo when he left years ago, I knew I would no longer see you, too.

The other night, I was looking at you and I realized, I really haven't thanked you for all those times you were there. I never expected to see you again but I am really so happy I did. You may not look as polished as before and you may not sound as perfect as you did before but you are still amazing. I am glad you are still here. I realized that we've been through joy and pain and you have witnessed our friendship and love, failures and success. You were there before and now you're here again. Thank you for coming back to my life.

-- dedicated to Carlo's acoustic guitar --
 Bought: 3rd quarter of 2000 in Pagadian City

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Wednesday, April 09, 2008
I'm going home...

this place has become stranger and stranger as days pass me by...
each day that i see and walk the same streets, it feels emptier.. or maybe it's just me..

i've been here for more than 3 years (and counting). i have memorized the twists and turns of the streets i NEED to go to everyday, the different places i MOSTLY find a little heaven in, and the places i usually go to just to take a break. i have walked these streets, saw the signs and billboards, witnessed fireworks and watched concerts. i have rode in almost every vehicle plying these routes and i have memorized every one of them. i thought this has become my home but now i realized that it never really was home to me.. it was never the place.. it's you that I felt at home with and the not-so-many-but-true friends who have made life inside and outside the office easier and more beautiful while i am away from home..

this place is so different without you.

but i'm still thankful i went here, more than 3 years ago. i'm really glad i did because this is where i found my home again..

and right now, i miss my home..

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looking back..

Right now, I miss the day that I watched Ice Age 2 with you a couple of years ago and had a really good laugh and a tight hug after.

It's making me choke..because you are not here right now..

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Saturday, March 29, 2008
walking around...

This day was all about walking around.. from station 3 to station 1..

in station 3, in front of Bamboo Beach Resort

walking from Smoke resto in D'mall talipapa to the beach front

beach clothing and accessories at D'mall.

i needed to rest for a bit. my feet hurts.

going to station 1!

The famous Jonah's for their fruitshakes. Hmmm..

Jonah's Banana choco peanut shake at P75.00.
I think it tastes good but not really to-die-for. hmm.

after the shake, i had BBQ and isaw.
Their BBQ costs P10 per stick and the isaw? P10 per stick.
The jumbo hotdogs cost P30 per stick.

Beachcomber resort and bar in station 1

grotto in station 1

C2 in Boracay

Bans Resort in station 1

back to station 2

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Thursday, March 20, 2008
happy summer!

At last! I have finally decided.. or should I say I was pushed to decide last night..
I will be on vacation. Yey!

I had to squeeze my brains before I could finally decide to book these flights. Then, my brother told me to give it a go and so I did.. Here's my itinerary.  (Special thanks to Gwenny Manpatilan!)



Thank you for using the Cebu Pacific E-Ticket service.  Your airline ticket is electronically stored in our computer system.  This document serves as your transaction receipt.

We wish you a pleasant journey and look forward to your flying with us again soon.


CEBU              5J   418 V 23MAR 1305 OK VRP                 20MAR20K       

 KALIBO                =  V  O  I  D  =                                       

 VOID                   =  V  O  I  D  =                                     

 VOID                   =  V  O  I  D  =  

Kalibo (For Boracay) to Cebu, 29-03-2008, 1410, Flight 5J417, Economy PHP 1,403.36
Total to be charged to credit card: PHP 1,403.36

Booking details
Booking number:ITD01970426CEB
Record Locator: NP5TJ
Ticket details:Electronic ticket 

So yeah, i'll be off for a week. And I will still be online every now and then while I'm there, hopefully..
I'd get to see my neice, my brother, beautiful sunrise and sunsets and I'd get to see the sun, sea and sand all at the same time.. Beach, here I come!

enjoy your summer! (",)

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Friday, March 07, 2008
this time, i hate numbers and dates...

5 days to go..
it's weird.
it's funny.
it's just horrible..


i hate looking at calendars and dates and clocks - for now.
it's slowly creeping into me..

it's time to unlearn big time!
things that i was so used to.

and of course i have to learn again things that have become extinct,
or maybe I just thought so.
things that i thought I would never have to learn again
but I have to.

for now.
i hope.

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The dawn is breaking
G#m E
A light shining through
B F#
Your barely waking
G#m E
And I'm tangled up in you
(Verse 2)
Well I'm open, your closed
Where I follow, you'll you
I worry I won't see your face
Light up again
(Chorus 1)
B F#
Even the best fall down sometime
G#m E
Even the wrong words seem to rhyme
B F#
Out of the doubt that fills my mind
I somehow find
You and I collide
B F# G#m E
(Verse 3)
I'm quiet, you know
You make a first impression
I found I'm scared to know I'm always on your mind
(Chorus 2)
Even the best fall down sometime
Even the stars refuse to shine
Out of the back you fall in time
Somehow find
You and I collide
G#m E F#
Don't stop here
G#m E F#
I lost my place
G#m E F#
I'm close behind
B F# G#m E
(Chorus 3)
Even the best fall down sometimes
Even the wrong words seem to rhyme
Out of the doubt that fills your mind
You finally find
You and I collide
Finally find
You and I collide
You finanlly find
You and I collide

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